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Left Page: They’re ravishing, clever, witty, worthy…and, oh a million other things as well. Here, as voted by Cosmopolitan readers, is the definitive 1998 list of the 100 men you love most in the world from politics, sports, media, entertainment, fashion and literature. We are surrounded! Who would you choose?

Right Page: Number 1 - Robert Carlyle; Age 37; We love him because: He can convince us he’s a cosy cop like Hamish Macbeth or a nutter drug addict inTrainspotting. Whatever, Cosmo readers have fallen in love with every character he’s played. He says he chooses a script for its ‘social comment’ and you can’t help being impressed. But you ain’t seen nothing yet—just wait until you get a load of his frilly shirt and knee-high boots playing a highwayman in this autumn’s swashbuckler, Plunkett and Macleane. No work-shy fop, he’s just finished filming Angela’s Ashes with Emily Watson in Dublin and is starring in a film calledRavenous in the new year. Man we’d most love to: Strip for us in our own private version of The Full Monty.

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    Read “nutter drug addict” and whispered out loud to myself “Begbie doesn’t do drugs Cosmo, he does people.
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    Oh, YES. That would be brilliant. A thrill for the Dearies and Bobby fans, and it would make the legions of people give...
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    Now we just need Rumplestiltskin voted People’s sexiest man alive
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