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yes tell me please

oh what a fun stand-in for tmi tuesday!

Oh, yessssss

Oh god I can’t help but reblog this.

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You really piss me off.

I joined this fandom thinking it would be a fruitful endeavor, but I have since discovered that you are all a bunch of socially crippled loosers without the brains or hearts to consider my feelings. Every tweet, fanfic, and drawing causes me shame for the sake of Robert Carlyle.

I’ve come to hate your guts and despise this fandom so much that I’ve decided to cease drawing Bobby altogether simply because I can no longer look at his face without feeling ashamed for the terrible fandom he has to live with.

Since I need a new fandom to occupy my ungodly amount of spare time, I’ve decided to become a Belieber. I’ve already made a new graphic design in his honor: