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Robert Carlyle wins the Gemini Award 2010 for his performance in Stargate Universe.

Video can be found here (x)

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Even though this is the umpteenth time I’ve posted this video, I love this vid and this show so much I’m going to post it again. :B

Although Bobby is only in one ep, the rest of the series is really worth the watch. It’s very good, very sharp and psychological.

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Robert Carlyle wins BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

The Full Monty, 1998 (x)

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Robert Carlyle talking about his wife and children - for rywen

All quotes taken from interviews with him over the years.

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Robert Carlyle by Andy Gotts [x]

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A complete collection of Robert Carlyle’s film and television work. Under the cut due to the length

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You know, at the end of the season, I watched Ravenous with Bobby. And I came in, was chatting him up about it. That scene where he finally snaps, and they’re all in the cave looking for the bodies, and he’s outside and you realize. “Oh, my God! It’s him that’s the killer.” And he starts doing that… [makes chittering noises] like a chipmunk with his hands. And I’m like, “That was terrifying.” So in the middle of a scene I’m at the console at the Destiny bridge, and I’m doing something. And I could hear, at the back of me - it was just Bobby and I on set - I could hear… [chitters]. And I turn around and he’s coming towards me just like he did in Ravenous. I swear to God, I was terrified just for a split second.
Patrick Gilmore (via rufeepeach)

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