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Even though this is the umpteenth time I’ve posted this video, I love this vid and this show so much I’m going to post it again. :B

Although Bobby is only in one ep, the rest of the series is really worth the watch. It’s very good, very sharp and psychological.

By defmutestudio


The man who killed the Doctor

Okay, I’m going to try this while everyone is awake (besides me, that is).


'Many people will probably rank To Be A Somebody as the best episode in the Cracker series, especially those who tend to see the world in political rather than existential terms. A study of white male alienation in the contemporary secular state with its trendy leftist multicultural guilt morality, this story allows Dr. Eddie “Fitz” Fitzgerald his best insights and best character counterpoint since the first episode. Fitz is another white male whose decline could also lead to a violent outburst of indignation and egotist revenge… except, unlike Albie Kinsella, he knows full well that he is the main author of his condition…

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