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Sometimes smaller is smarter.

Sometimes smaller is smarter.

It warmed my heart to hear Bobby learning about science on the internets for the part of Dr. Rush (not to mention actually talking to some physicists). [X]


“They will have their private parts cut off for they are not fit to have children.

They will have their hearts cut out for in there they conceived this treason.

They will have their heads cut off for in there they developed what their hearts conceived.

Their bodies will be quartered and their bodies will be hung aloft to be devoured by the birds in the air!

And their heads will be set up on pikes. And they will be left there as a reminder to all of our people:

The consequences of gun powder, treason, and plot.

Locked in a room with Mr. Gold and he is staring at you lustily. What do you want him to do to you?
bobbycarlyle bobbycarlyle Said:

And then afterwards, he’s cleans my toilette while I watch. :B

I shall celebrate with some obligatory ass shots.

I am so. sorry.

Oops, almost forgot…

Oops, almost forgot…

And lastly, a gif of Jo Jo dying in jail.

And lastly, a gif of Jo Jo dying in jail.