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You can all go to hell.







One of my comics and something appropriate for today, I think

#So happy Bobby has his family with him in Vancouver nowRobert Carlyle,Rumplestiltskinouat artouat fanartfucking adorkable.

Oh, they’re in Vancouver now? That’s wonderful! I need to find them…

And thanks!

(via delintthedarkone)

I had some shipping feels…

I just realized I never actually uploaded this. @_@

I just realized I never actually uploaded this. @_@

Doodled Rumps in the NAMES OF HIS VICTIMS.

No, but seriously this thing is fun (if you can stand to not erase).

wee doodle o’ bobby-boy

wee doodle o’ bobby-boy

WIPy punky thingy

Historically based but highly unlikely angry hate sex between Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford (played by Rhys Ifans) and King James VI and I (played by Robert Carlyle)… in pink.

Rule 34??? *puts on cone of shame*

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what am I doing with my life